Since I was a child, I was passionate about sport. The first discipline I tried was gymnastics, however it was difficult for me to find a real motivation in it. When I was 8 one of my neighbours told me about weightlifting and asked me if I want to try it. It was love at first sight. My first coach was Stefan Tasnadi, the Olympic silver medallist. He had a huge influence on my career. My first huge competition which I was part of was in 2012: the European Championship in Turkey. I’ve finished on the 3rd place with a total of 359 kg at 85 kg body weight. After that, I was part of the Romanian Olympic Games team for London 2012. Unfortunately, due to few injuries and some missed opportunities I missed all my 3 snatch attempts, but I had my revenge at Rio 2016. My greatest achievement was in 2016, at the European Championship held in Norway, where I got 3 medals: Gold in Snatch (169 kg), Silver in Clean&Jerk (202kg) and Silver in Total with 371 kg. After dedicating my whole life to weightlifting I’ve decided to pass all the information and knowledge to every person who wants to learn the Art of lifting Heavy-Weights with the best technique and speed.
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