Power Program

Power Program

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8 weeks

Is this program for me?

Recommended if you want to improve your power and speed, even if you are not doing weightlifting. For best results, do this program right after the warmup of your regular training routine.

Workout details

Training with gym weights

Explanation videos
Step by step guide

Specific body parts
Training specific body parts each day

Full 8 week plan


You need 6 months of experience and to know the basic weightlifting techniques


Improve your technique

Improve overall speed

Improve overall power

Increase snatch explosion

Increase clean & jerk explosion


Weight plates
Weight plates
Squat Rack
Squat Rack


At first I wasn’t that powerful at technique, and on neurological tests I’m like a regular guy - nothing special. The thing that helped me to improve my power was constantly improving the technique and specific exercises for power. This Power Program includes all the exercises that helped me get to today’s explosion in snatch and clean & jerk.

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